A singer/songwriter is suing RTÉ and comedian Andy Quirke for alleged trade mark infringement over their use of the name, ‘Damo’ in a TV show.

According to the Irish Patents Office, Dubliner Damien O’Regan registered the name ‘Damo’ in relation to entertainment services, music and lyrics he provides. Mr O’Regan told the High Court that the use of the name Damo is a clear breach of his trade mark and said he had not given his consent for its use by Mr Quirke.

The character of "Damo" is portrayed by actor Andy Quirke as a parody of a "northsider". Damo is due to featured in the first episode of the new comedy series commissioned by RTÉ and scheduled to be aired for the first time next Monday night, September 16th on RTÉ Two.

Mr O’Regan, alleges that the infringement will damage the goodwill he has spent many years trying to build up. Mr Justice Brian McGovern granted lawyers for Mr O’Regan short service to ask the court on Friday for an injunction restraining both Quirke and RTÉ from infringing his trademark.

When the matter returns before the court on Friday, Mr O’Regan’s legal team will ask that the injunction be put in place until the dispute is resolved.

The characters of Damo first appeared on the RTÉ programme The Republic of Telly in 2011. The characters have made live performances, have a noted internet presence and have also released a music album.

To the writer’s knowledge, this seems to be the first "character mark" dispute in the Irish Courts and therefore is an interesting one to watch this space.