Domino’s Pizza has suffered a security breach by a group of online professional hackers who accessed the online databases and servers of Domino’s Pizza customers in France and Belgium. The hackers claim to have downloaded over 600,000 customer’s records (592,000 relating to French customers and 58,000 relating to Belgian customers) which include names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, delivery instructions and even favourite toppings.

In an unusual twist the hackers demanded a payment of €30,000 to be paid directly to them in exchange for the stolen information failing which they would publish the personal data online. The hackers posted further information and threats on a Twitter account that has since been suspended. Domino’s France released a statement on Twitter saying that although its data is encrypted, it has fallen victim to "professionals" who were able to "decode the cryptographic system for the passwords".

Domino’s confirmed and acknowledged that no credit card information or financial data was accessed or stolen and that they will not be paying the requested ransom.  Customers within the UK and Ireland have not been affected by this incident.