On 5th October 2016, our IP & Technology team hosted a seminar on the new EU General Data Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect from 25 May 2018.  The Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, gave a keynote address at the event, which was followed by commentary from our IP and Technology Partners, John Whelan, John Cahir, Mark Rasdale and Claire Morrissey.

The GDPR introduces substantial changes to EU data protection law.  Companies have 19 months remaining in which to make preparations for the GDPR, but given its extra-territorial scope; new concepts such as accountability and privacy by design and default; enhanced rights of data subjects, and severe financial penalties for non-compliance, it is important for businesses to start taking steps now to review and revise their data protection policies and procedures as appropriate.

To assist businesses with understanding the key changes introduced by the GDPR, its likely impact, and action points to consider, A& L Goodbody have prepared a Guide for Businesses which is available to download from our website:

The GDPR: A Guide for Businesses